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Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Inability to maintain or lose the amount of weight you would like
  • Consistently starting a diet or finding yourself on one
  • Remembering struggling with your weight since childhood or adolescence
  • Finding yourself eating to deal with your feelings and emotions
  • Not able to start or maintain an exercise program
  • Noticing a history of obesity or unhealthy weight problems in your family
  • Fluctuating between sizes frequently throughout the year
  • Uncertainty of how you are gaining weight or not understanding why you are not losing weight when you feel you are doing the “right” things.
  • Consistently hearing your physician encouraging you to lose weight

In our fast-paced society, people continue to struggle with maintaining the healthy lifestyle that leads to healthy weight. We are encouraged or required to spend an inordinate amount of time at work leaving little time to our families and friends, and naturally we tend to place ourselves at the bottom of the priority list. When is there time for healthy eating and exercise with all the other responsibilities in your life? Many who cannot find the time end up going through fad diets that are often harmful to your health and experiencing little to no results. Often, if the desired results do occur, they are temporary when the diet is ended and normal eating and living begins again.

Weight is also often a struggle for many because of the environment in which they were raised and possibly genetics. Many families make food the center of family gatherings, events, and celebrations. They encourage eating when people are happy, sad, excited, angry, etc. Food is seen as a comfort, a reward, and something to do when people are bored. Because this connection has been formed, it is often extremely difficult to find other ways to deal with feelings, emotions, and events without food. Establishing different ideas and thought processes is essential in breaking this connection. Studies also show that genetics can play a significant role in a person’s weight. This may add an additional barrier that makes maintaining a healthy weight more challenging. However, this equation still does not make it impossible for you.

The therapists at Noyau not only strive to live a healthy lifestyle themselves, they are experts in helping others learn and grow in this area. Your therapist will work with you to understand your history and how your ideas and thoughts about food and exercise developed over time. We will look at your life and help you identify what aspects can be altered or changed to get you on the road to being healthier. Your therapist will help you develop a plan in which you feel comfortable and that fits in your life. They will work with you to identify potential road blocks and the barriers that you are facing right now.

In addition to your counseling, you may also benefit from seeing a dietitian, a massage therapist, and/or a medical practitioner. Noyau has experts in these areas on staff to work with you if you and your therapist identify this as being a common addition to your treatment. A dietitian can help you understand your body and its nutritional needs better while developing a diet that works with your personality and lifestyle. A massage therapist can work with you on treating your body more positively and help you understand the benefits of self care. A holistic medical practitioner will work with you through acupuncture and possibly help with addition of the right vitamins and herbal supplements for you. Working with you, we will identify the best plan and fit for you so that you may finally experience the success in which you have been waiting.

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