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Can you relate to any of the following:

  • Preoccupied with thoughts of playing a video game during other activities
  • Playing for continuously increasing amounts of time
  • Playing video games to escape from life stressors and problems
  • Playing video games to cope with anxiety and/or depression
  • Hiding your game playing from friends, family, and coworkers
  • Feeling anxious, irritable, or angry when you cannot play or are trying to cut down on game playing
  • Numerous attempts to stop playing have not been successful

Video games can be a fun pastime for many people as an added addition to hobbies and other interests. Most can play games safely and when played in small amounts, there is not necessarily a problem with someone who likes to game. However, many people find themselves playing video games or on-line role playing for over three hours a day. This begins to interfere in other priorities and life in general. Relationships can be compromised because one does not have time to invest in friends and family. Work can be neglected because the time does not allow for concentrating and being productive at work. Overall health can be compromised because one may not have time for physical activity, sleeping, and/or eating well. Other hobbies that make you a well rounded, growing, and interesting person can be placed on the back burner because you are not interested in them anymore or simply do not have the time for anything else. One day, you may look up from your video games and wonder where your life has gone.

Video gaming can be a tough addiction to conquer because you cannot avoid technology (i.e. computers, smartphones, etc.) You still need these tools to function in your everyday life. Someone with a drug addiction or an alcoholic can avoid being around the substances or places where these things might be available. With this type of addiction, that may not be possible. Therefore, along with developing new types of coping mechanisms, you will need to learn how to resist temptation that is directly in front of you. You will need to learn how to stay focused on the task at hand and how to find other interests and hobbies that are more exciting and fulfilling.

Some can work through video game addiction on their own, but many find it to be an almost impossible uphill battle. Additionally, they may have isolated themselves and do not have the support they need to help them begin the healing process. If you are beginning to feel this way, this is the right time to begin the therapeutic process to start your way down the road to recovery.

Noyau has hired therapists that are experts in addiction and have significant experience leading clients to recovery and healing. Your therapist will help you regain your life and step outside the world of addiction. You will learn how to develop and nurture your support system while finding ways to cope with life’s struggles in a healthier way. You will work through past issues that may have led you to this addiction and troubleshoot potential risks that may lead you down the same path in the future. Your success depends on you being open and honest so that your therapist can work with you and guide you in the most appropriate way for you, your life, and personality. You will learn to reengage in the world and your life and to find fulfillment in all the things that occupy your world. You will also develop new aspects of your life and goals that will help create the life you have hoped to experience.

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