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Have you noticed your teenager struggling with:

  • Changes in sleep pattern (sleeping too much or not enough)
  • Changes in appetite (overeating or fasting)
  • Statements of hopelessness
  • Crying for seemingly no reason
  • Becoming overwhelmed (even by small things)
  • Difficulty completing tasks or remembering important details
  • Loss of interest in friends or family members
  • Easily frustrated, feelings of intense anger or rage
  • Decline in school performance (increased absences from school)
  • Decline in personal hygiene
  • Self harming behaviors (cutting, burning/branding)

Recognizing depression in teens can be difficult. Adolescence is marked by ever-changing behavior patterns and emotional ups and downs for all teens. Understanding the difference between typical teenage struggles and depression can be complicated. While we can expect to see changes throughout this transitional developmental stage, we must be aware when those changes take on a negative mindset that leads teens to become depressed. At Noyau, our therapists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of teen depression. We are able to detect the subtle differences between normal teenage mood swings and clinical depression.

Your teen’s counselor will create an open and non-judgemental relationship as they get to know and understand your teen’s unique worldview. Clients will learn coping skills to help them as they navigate this difficult transitional period in an essentially safe place to experience and process emotions. Exemplifying trust and acceptance for all clients, counselors at Noyau know this aspect is especially essential for our teenage clients who frequently struggle with issues of feeling judged.

Parents of our teenage clients can expect to gain insight and understanding into what their child is going through and how they can best help their child throughout this process. Rest assured that should an emergency arise (your teen becomes an emanate threat to themselves or others), the counselor will make contact with you and assist you in securing the best acute care for your child.

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