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Many people struggle with their spirituality or religious views at different times in their lives. These questions tend to be magnified when one leaves home for the first time, loses a family member or friend, deals with depression and/or anxiety, has children, experiences a traumatic event, and a variety of other life events. When these things happen, people often feel at a loss as to how to answer their own questions and concerns. They may struggle with the feeling that their chosen religion may not be right or they worry that there may not be a higher being at all. When struggling with this, people can feel hopeless and extreme despair. They may wonder about why we are here and the purpose of life.

We have learned that those without a spiritual guidepost tend to be significantly more likely to experience severe depression and anxiety. Spirituality often offers a sense of hope and a being to turn to who provides support, love, and answers when life feels difficult or impossible. When one does not have this, a person can only depend on his or her self and those around to support, nurture, and provide guidance and answers. They often feel let down and frustrated by friends and family. Still others find meaning in this life and those around them. They have become comfortable and content in deciding the pursuance of spirituality is not the direction for them.

Spirituality and religion are personal, and the journey is often unique to each individual. The struggle to define what this means for you can often be overwhelming and frustrating. Because of the wide variety of beliefs and views, one can find it challenging to weed through and understand the meaning, ideas, and concepts of each religion and spiritual belief system. Many want to explore these differences to find what is best for them while others want to work within their own religion to define which aspects they believe and which they do not. Still others are attempting to decide if they believe anything at all.

Often people feel guilty when they begin questioning their views and beliefs about theirs and others spirituality and religion. Questioning and challenging your ideas and views is normal. Most people will experience this in their lives at one time or another. As we are thrown challenges, gain knowledge, and experience new ideas and concepts, it is natural to look at and evaluate your own belief system. Many people experience at least an evolution of their beliefs as they grow, while others embark on a complete change.

At Noyau, our therapists can work with you to decide which direction you would like to go and what issues are challenging you. We will also help you look at your life and what currently may be effecting your religious and spiritual views and challenges. There may be areas of your life that need to be processed, worked through, and healed while embarking on this venture. We will help you to identify what these aspects are for you. We want to help you identify why you are struggling and what questions and answers need to be explored to help you reach an understanding. You want to be comfortable and satisfied with where you are at spiritually. This takes understanding yourself and your needs while also considering your hopes and expectations. At the end of your journey, you may either solidify your current beliefs, discover new ideas and concepts to add to your belief system, change an aspect of your current religious practices (i.e. change denominations, pray more, participate in more or less religious activities, etc.), or change your belief all together.

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