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Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Consistently engaging in more sex and/or with more partners than intended
  • Constantly thinking about sex while other parts of your life are suffering
  • Attempts to cut down on your thoughts of sex or sexual experiences without making significant progress
  • Spending an unusual amount of time on pursuing sex or activities related to sex
  • Feeling anxious, frustrated, or angry when you are not able to pursue sex related activities
  • Neglecting your career, family, friends, or other important areas in your life because of your focus on sexual ideas and activities
  • Continually taking chances that are a risk to your health and well-being
  • Having to increase your sexual activity related behaviors in order to feel satisfied (i.e. more sexual partners, more frequent visits to prostitutes, etc.)

Sexual addiction has become a common term in our society as of late. Politicians and actors are found frequently in the news as having sexual addictions after affairs and/or when private sexual practices have been leaked to the media. This has led many to be skeptical that sexual addiction is real. But in fact, it is real and can be extremely troubling for many people. It often leads to anxiety and depression as relationships crumble, careers are tarnished or jeopardized, finances are drained, and everyday living becomes an almost impossible feat. This addiction is often one people find hard to acknowledge making it even more difficult to get the treatment and help they need.

Sexual addiction is extremely hard to overcome alone. If you are in a relationship, sexual activity is usually part of your partnership. With drugs and alcohol, one can live without partaking and have a healthy, happy life. For a thriving relationship, sex is essential in maintaining the romantic bond that keeps the relationship flourishing as more than a friendship. For this reason, it can be difficult for someone who has a sexual addiction to separate what is healthy and what is not. Often someone suffering from this addiction finds it challenging to connect emotion to sex again. This can be developed and rediscovered over time with the right help, partner, and process.

Sex addicts find that engaging in sexual activity, whether it be anything from compulsive masturbation to engaging in compulsive sexual activity within or outside of relationship, find that the activity temporarily keeps them from experiencing negative emotions, escape outside stressors, and find pleasure in the midst of lack of fulfillment and sadness. At Noyau, our experienced therapists are expertly trained to work with you to identify the areas in which you are struggling. We will help you work through those issues and identify positive, healthy coping mechanisms.

Several aspects need to be worked on, identified, healed, and processed in order to treat someone with a sexual addiction. Our therapists will help you work on your relationships, past and present, and help you get on the path towards the life you want for yourself. We will help you identify obstacles and explore areas that need to be readdressed when healing from an addiction. Our dietitian, doctor, and massage therapist are available to work with the mind and body in order to heal the areas that have been neglected or not nurtured within yourself.

You do not need to silently struggle with your addiction. Our staff provides a safe, comfortable, and nonjudgmental space to work through your addiction and creates an environment where you can succeed and flourish. We will also hold groups throughout the year as needed to help you realize you are not alone and see how others have succeeded in beating their addictions.

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