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  • Do you consistently put yourself down inwardly and/or outwardly?
  • Is it difficult to acknowledge your positive qualities and accomplishments?
  • Do you find it hard to accept a compliment?
  • Do you find it uncomfortable to be the center of attention?
  • Do you regularly worry about what others think of you?
  • Do you base your decisions on what others will think?
  • Do you often feel undeserving?
  • Do you feel you’re not “good enough?”
  • Do you devalue your opinions and ideas?
  • Do you spend significant time focusing on your perceived weaknesses or faults?
  • Does the fear of failure stand in the way of accomplishing your dreams?

Self esteem is one of those concepts that we’re told over and over we “should” have, but seldom are we taught how to get it. We know we should think better of ourselves, but feeling great about who we are rarely comes naturally. We are taught that being cocky is bad but rarely that there is a huge difference between being conceited and comfortable in our own skin.

Many people have a negative, self-defeating scripts that runs through their heads on a regular basis. This script can say anything from, “you’re not good enough,” to “no one would ever want to be in a relationship with you,” to “you don’t deserve great things.” These are just a few of the many statements people say to themselves that consistently tear them down and make them feel unworthy. These words are so ingrained in one’s thinking that it can be extremely difficult to try to change the thought process. Having these thoughts stands in the way of having a healthy, fulfilling life by holding one back from true joy and happiness. We are what we think, and we will act accordingly.

Having a healthy self-esteem has countless benefits and can make all the difference in what stands between you and the life in which you dream and deserve. At Noyau, our counselors will work with you on changing the way you think and feel about yourself and help you to see you in the right light. You see yourself more critically than anyone around you, and we want to help you see what others see or could see in you.

A healthy self esteem can have an impact on your career, relationships, physical and mental health, and numerous other aspects of your world. We feel the better you treat yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically, the more you will learn to appreciate who you are right now. Because of this, treating yourself to better nutrition, massage, and acupuncture could be extremely beneficial. We’ll work with you to design the best program for your success whether it be with one of our services or all four. Whether you believe it or not, you deserve great things and a great life. We want to help you to stop standing in your way.

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