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Are you experiencing any of the following:

  • Spending more time than intended viewing pornography or “losing” time when participating in the activity
  • Feeling angry or anxious if asked to stop viewing pornography
  • Hiding your pornography use from family and friends
  • Making attempts to limit or stop your use of pornography with little success
  • Continuing your use of pornography even through the harm to or loss of relationships, your career, or other important aspects of your life
  • Living a separate life as it relates to your pornography use

Pornography addiction is becoming more and more common with the ease of the internet, smartphones, and social media and is becoming a great and very real problem for so many people. People find it easy to escape into the world of pornography and feel it is a medium they can use to derive pleasure without endangering themselves or anyone around them. They get a feeling of euphoria which provides a way to avoid deep emotions, pain, hurt, or the stress of everyday life. Many pornography addicts tend to isolate themselves breaking ties with close friends and family. This leads to a lack of support during tough times which again leads them to contending with difficulties by using more pornography. This addiction creates a cycle of behavior that can be extremely difficult in which to break free.

Many people with a pornography addiction are embarrassed or ashamed to admit they are struggling with this to family, friends, or a therapist who might be able to offer help. Recovery starts with being honest, open, and reaching for guidance and help. Your therapist should be experienced in this type of addiction and be able to provide a warm, nonjudgmental environment in which you feel comfortable and free to discuss your addiction along with your thoughts and feelings. The more you can reveal about your behavior and mindset, the more your therapist will be able to challenge your thinking, help you create different ways of thinking, and provide insight in how to change your behavior.

Participating in viewing pornography increases your dopamine levels – the feel good chemicals in the brain. Essentially you become addicted to the high and continually crave the feeling you get when you participate in this activity. However, there are other ways to experience the increased dopamine you have introduced to your system. Your therapist will work with you to identify what those might be for you and help you develop healthier coping mechanisms when dealing with difficult situations.

You will also learn how to reengage in the relationships that have been neglected during your addiction. Old relationships may need to be restored and revived while new and healthier relationships may need to be discovered and developed. Pornography addiction can be lonely and make you feel like you are not capable of maintaining or finding new relationships. This is not true. You have just been lost in your addiction and are at a point when you need to rediscover yourself and what you have to offer the people around you. You are not your addiction – your addiction has taken over who you are and needs to be treated in order for you to remember who you are underneath those layers.

The therapists at Noyau are experts in working with pornography addiction and will work with you to find the best treatment plan for you and your life. The rest of our team, dietitian, medical practitioner, and massage therapist, may also be utilized to aid in your treatment and healing. These professionals working collaboratively with you will increase your potential for success and healing.

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