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Many people reach a point in their life where they feel unfulfilled and believe that there has to be something more to life. They may struggle with the idea that they look around them and have what the world would consider to be “everything,” but for some reason, they are still not happy. They have the spouse they love, the ideal career, the best children, and the greatest friends, yet they still feel a sense of emptiness. For others, they may look around them and realize that nothing in their life is meeting their needs. They may feel they need a complete life change where they drastically alter their relationships, career, hobbies, and other aspects of their lives. For those dealing with this issue, they may have yet to realize and find what they believe to be their “life purpose.”

Finding one’s purpose in life is often very important for people to feel happy and fulfilled. Some may become depressed or experience anxiety if this is not realized. People tend to need meaning and understanding as to why they are here and what they are supposed to be doing with their lives. Often when one area of one’s life is not developed or nurtured, one may feel their entire life is not on track. This can come in a variety of forms from being a parent, a great friend, having a meaningful career, actively involved in a spiritual or religious quest, and the list could continue. Some may need a complete overhaul of the majority of areas in their lives while others may just need to cultivate one particular facet.

Your feeling about your purpose may change and evolve throughout your life. You may feel that you were meant to do things in your twenties that seem foreign and impossible to continue in your thirties and forties. Your life does not have to simply be defined by one purpose, you can have many that are varied throughout your life span. For example, one may feel that her purpose in life in her twenties or thirties is to be the best mother possible to her children. After the children begin school or leave the home, she may work towards finding a meaningful career or a life filled with charity and giving. These are all important aspects that can feed into one another. Additionally, one does not have to stop in order for the other to begin. You can be a great mother and friend to your children into adulthood while developing a fulfilling career and rewarding life.

Many struggle with the changes in life and are uncertain of how to find new purpose and meaning. Others have not been able to identify a purpose up until this point. At Noyau, our therapists will work with you to understand you and your hopes and desires for your life. They will help you understand yourself more fully, what is working for you and what is not. Your therapist will identify patterns and aspects in your life that have brought you happiness and fulfillment in the past. Often, this is the key to identifying your purpose in life. We often find ourselves participating in similar activities, involved in comparable hobbies, or reaching out to the same kinds of people to help or in which to be involved in relationships. Analyzing and finding the commonalities on your own can be challenging. Your therapist will help you see the subtle similarities that make the perfect equation for your happiness. Fulfillment and happiness often come from a sense of purpose and meaning. We will work with you to help you find what that is for you and how you can pursue this in your life.

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