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Life Coaching is a new and innovative aspect of counseling. Separate from traditional psychotherapy, Life Coaching is future focused and goal oriented concentrating on current events in your life to bring about profound and meaningful change. Life Coaches are commonly utilized to guide and mentor those individuals who are seeking to achieve a higher level of personal satisfaction and fulfillment.




How to Prepare

The first Life Coaching session is unique to subsequent sessions. Your coach will ask you a series of questions to help gain an understanding of your history, your current situation, and your future goals. Because the coaching atmosphere is casual, guided by you the client, it is best if you arrive at your sessions with an idea of where you want the coaching session to go. One way to do this is to write down your thoughts as they occur to you so that you and your coach can discuss them in session.

Being open to change and new ways of looking at a situation are important predictors of a successful coaching experience. While it can be difficult to envision a world view different from your own, your coach will work with you to create a more positive and optimistic outlook.

What to Expect

Life Coaching sessions are 50 minutes in length and may take place in our offices, over the phone, via Skype or at a predetermined Walk-and-Talk location. Your coach will start the session by asking you to talk about yourself as well as the events and emotions you are currently experiencing. With the help of your coach, you will identify areas in your life in which you would like to change. Once identified, your Coach will help you devise a strategy to achieve those goals through practical action steps, confronting negative thoughts, encouraging positive self-talk, and motivating you towards action and change.

Your coach may ask you to complete homework assignments in between sessions. This work is meant to help you achieve those goals you set in place, and we strongly recommend you take advantage of the insight into action suggested by your coach. The work you do in between sessions will greatly enhance the effectiveness of your coaching experience.


When individuals experience a feeling of control over their lives and take ownership of positive change the results can be life altering. The more confident and secure you feel in your choices, the easier those choices seem to become thus creating more decisiveness in you. Going through life transitions, making changes, and moving forward are all easier when you have a deep rooted trust in yourself and a clear plan of how to achieve your goals. By utilizing a Life Coach you are benefiting from having a knowledgeable professional from Noyau guide and mentor you through how to achieve your dreams. Our team has worked hard to achieve their own hopes and dreams and have worked with countless others to guide them through that process.

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