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At Noyau, we value health and fitness as an integral part of mental health and well-being. Our diets and activity level can directly effect how we function mentally, emotionally, and physically. Point blank, when you eat better and you are active, you feel better. Think about the difference in how you feel when you have been eating fast food and spending a lot of time on the couch as opposed to when you have been eating healthy and getting in some good physical activity. You probably have more energy, feel more positive, and have a more hopeful outlook when you are treating your body to a healthy lifestyle. When you are not nourishing your body inwardly and outwardly, you may tend to be more negative and sluggish as you go through your days.

Physical activity releases dopamine and serotonin into the body, making you feel happier and more positive. This has a direct impact on people with anxiety and/or depression, acting in the same way as antidepressants. Working out is a great way to clear the mind and regain focus. Not only does it tells your body that you are important, your mind cannot function unless your body is working properly. Exercise increases focus, sleep, memory, and concentration. It has also well known to make people feel better about themselves, increasing self esteem and self worth. Additionally, physical activity can be a great coping mechanism when working through various addiction such as alcohol, drug, sexual, and various other types.

Nutrition effects mood, behavior, and brain functioning. Food interacts with the chemicals in our brains such as dopamine and serotonin as well. The better we eat, the better our brain can function and increase calmness, awareness, and motivation among others. Alternately, those who have poor diets, more likely experience depression, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, and apathy.

Knowing this, Noyau has a strong focus on improving the health and fitness of those we see. We will develop a plan that is right for you and that you can stick with accordingly. Our therapists, dietitians, and the rest of our team will work together to find the right plan for you. We know the options can be overwhelming when it comes to food and exercise, but it needs to be easy to work. We will work to find the foods and activity you enjoy so that the changes will not feel so difficult. We will work actively to help you work through whatever emotional or mental issues you are experiencing that are currently standing in your way. This collaborative effort is combined to help you achieve the ultimate success you desire.

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