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Parenting is, without argument, the most difficult yet most rewarding experience one can have. But throughout the lifespan of a family various struggles, if left unaddressed, can evolve into a chasm of miscommunication and arguments that threaten familial bonds. Parenting/Family therapy works on a wide range of issues effecting today’s families.

Is your family is struggling with:

  • Miscommunication
  • Daily arguments over chores, responsibilities, expectations etc.
  • Conflicts between parents or siblings
  • “Out of control” behavior at home or school
  • Difficulty adapting to changes in the family
  • Recent or impending divorce
  • Step-parent or step sibling relationships
  • Difficulty talking to your children about various issues (dating/sex, drugs/alcohol, internet use, etc.)
  • One or more family members dealing with individual issues such as physical illness or mental health concerns

Family therapy at Noyau Wellness strives to help individuals within families learn to interact and relate to one another more effectively and resolve conflicts in healthy productive ways. Today’s families are busier and more connected to the world around them than they have ever been, increasing the stress that families must deal with in their homes. When one member of the family experiences difficulty the entire family system is effected and thus at Noyau Wellness we believe that treating the entire system can have a lasting and profound effect.

Balancing the roles parents are tasked with performing can be a challenging and difficult responsibility. Children do not come with an operating manual, thus parents are left to “figure it out”. In this aspect family therapy can be very beneficial. Parent and therapist work together in developing a “family vision” incorporating their unique preferred parenting style, family rules, individual expectations and shared goals to enhance daily family life.

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