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The therapists at Noyau have specialized experience in executive coaching and have achieved success and results in their own careers. They are sought out to lend consultation, advice, and guidance to those looking to advance their careers and achieve a work-life balance. Executive coaching can help you develop your career, manage your stress, cultivate better relationships at work and with friends and family, deal with a specific challenge or role change, and increase your performance level.

You may have clearly stated goals and are having difficulty achieving those or are currently attempting to define the goals you wish to set. You may also need assistance defining where you are in relation to achieving your goals and need to develop a plan to progress forward. Your therapist will work with you to identify these aspects and help you cultivate a plan that will get you moving in the right direction.

How to Prepare

Start to identify your patterns and ways of thinking. Gaining awareness in these areas will help your therapist understand the way you operate in and out of your career. By identifying these aspects, your therapist can begin to define and challenge the thought processes that may be holding you back. Begin to look at the areas in which you are struggling the most and keep a mental log of the key components. Your therapist can help you with this initial process and provide you more instruction.

What to Expect

Unlike traditional therapy, executive coaching is more directive. Your therapist will work with you to identify the barriers standing in your way and the path to breaking down those barriers. You will work together to identify goals and objectives and develop a plan to achieve results. Gaining awareness of the areas in which you struggle will help you and your therapist find a way to conquer these challenges. Your therapist will assist you in exploring your relationships with your employees, coworkers, and superiors to identify how well you are functioning and if this area needs improvement in order for you to advance.

You will also be encouraged to look at your life as a whole, not just your career. While on the road to success, people often forget about developing the other aspects of their lives. Relationships suffer because of this, and the person tends to feel out of balance or unfulfilled. Neglecting one’s self during this time is normal, but it often leads to unhappiness. Your therapist will work with you to discover how you can more adequately balance your work and your life, if necessary. Your overall productivity and growth in your career will be directly affected by your happiness in your life outside of work. People tend to be more successful on the job when they are nurturing themselves and their relationships.

Your therapist will help you evaluate your stress level and work with you to develop appropriate coping mechanisms. The less stressed you feel, the more you will be able to accomplish. Often, people feel too busy to take care of themselves. This leads directly to anxiety and stress because you do not have an outlet to release the tension that is naturally occurring in your career.


Throughout this process, you should expect to enhance your self-confidence and decision-making abilities. The goal is to begin advancing in your career and increase your level of satisfaction in your personal and professional life. Your performance at work will increase, and you will have identified clear goals and the obstacles that have been standing in your way. You will also be clearing away those obstacles and identifying potential future challenges before they come to fruition. Your therapist will work with you to achieve the fulfilling life you are working towards in all areas of your life.

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