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Often we find that one mental issue may lead to another issue. For example, many people who struggle with anxiety end up experiencing depression. Because anxiety can be so debilitating, people frequently end up going into a depression because of how the anxiety has effected their way of life. Alternately, some with depression end up experiencing anxiety for the same reasons. These are frequently tied together and both issues need to be addressed, worked through, and healed.

This type of dual diagnosis occurs with numerous other mental issues as well. It is extremely common for someone suffering from an eating disorder to have depression as well. In fact, reports show that up to 80 percent of those that have anorexia nervosa or bulimia do indeed have depression. People suffering from mental illness are up to one-third more likely to have a substance abuse issue. People dealing with a drug addiction are over 50 percent more likely to also be dealing with a mental illness, and over 35 percent of alcoholics have the same issue. Those with personality disorders are also very commonly managing another mental diagnosis as well.

When someone has a dual diagnosis, not only are they trying to manage both issues, their issues tend to interact to exacerbate symptoms of both. Each issue can effect a person’s life, career, relationships, and outlook. Both issues need to be treated equally. If one is neglected, that one may interfere with the ability to heal wholly and fully. Lack of progress or relapse in one area may trigger feelings of failure, a need to take in additional substances, low self esteem, alienation, or a host of other issues. However, the right treatment plan specifically designed for each individual can decrease the possibility of this occurring.

At Noyau Wellness Center, our therapists are experts in treating dual diagnosis and have significant experience in this area. They will work with you to understand you as a person, your specific struggles, and how your dual diagnosis has and is currently effecting your life. Your therapist will identify and work with you to heal both issues concurrently and introduce new coping mechanisms to deal with the process and the everyday struggles you may be experiencing. Often people with this issue feel overwhelmed and are feeling less hopeful each day. Your therapist will help you see that you can heal and lead a happy and fulfilling life. You are not your diagnosis. You may feel it is who you are right now, and you cannot escape from it. This is not true. Your diagnosis may be temporarily crowding your personality and spirit, and we will work with you to help you remember that person.

In addition to our therapists, Noyau employs experts in nutrition, medicine, and massage therapy. These other services might be very beneficial for you to help you work through your dual diagnosis. The healthier your body, the healthier your mind. Often our diets and self care fall away as we begin down this path. Getting back on track in these areas is essential to your healing and overall well-being. You will learn ways to better treat and nurture yourself to eliminate your current symptoms and circumvent a recurrence in the future.

Dual Diagnosis is not a life sentence. Many of those in mental health may feel this is a lifetime diagnosis that one will simply need to manage throughout his or her life. We do not believe or feel your life has to look like this. You can move forward with the right care and plan, and you may never have to look back.

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