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Are you experiencing the following?

  • Struggling to decide whether to stay in your marriage
  • Feeling like you want to continue with the relationship one day and being ready to leave the next
  • Being concerned about how a divorce will effect your children
  • Wanting to separate but unsure how to express this to your spouse
  • Not sure how to talk to your children about separating
  • Painful emotions as you go through the divorce process
  • Difficulty communicating with your spouse during the divorce process
  • Your children struggling with the separation or divorce
  • Feelings of separation anxiety when your children are with your spouse
  • Anxiety over starting a new life after the divorce
  • Concern over when or if you should introduce your children to someone you are dating
  • Difficulty co-parenting with your divorced spouse

Divorce is an extremely difficult decision. When a couple decides to marry, they feel excited and positive about their future and the life they want to build together. When relationships break down over time, couples begin to wonder if they should continue in the marriage or if it is better to end it. The pain of realizing that you are no longer in a happy marriage and the confusion of staying together or separating can have a debilitating effect. Talking through your thoughts and feelings during this time with an uninvested party who has training and experience in working with clients considering divorce can be extremely beneficial.

Once the decision has been made to dissolve the marriage, many clients feel a sense of relief for a short time. Finally having a sense of direction can provide a new freedom and release of pressure. For some this feeling lasts as they build a life, for others it can be replaced with foreboding and anxiety. Fear of regret, of the future, and of the unknown can become overwhelming and difficult to manage alone. Therapist at Noyau Wellness are familiar with how to help you learn to manage your stress and anxiety. Processing all that you are feeling in a safe and caring environment can help you move towards the next phase of your life with confidence.

The process of divorce is often complicated. While many divorces are mutually agreed upon and collaborative, others may be tangled in past hurts and a need for revenge. This is an emotional time for everyone involved, making it difficult to see past the reasons why the marital dissolution is occurring. Working with a Divorce Coach at Noyau Wellness can help mediate the emotional process. While we do not offer legal advice, we are expert consultants and dispute mediators. Divorce Coaches strive to help clients feel validated, understood, and heard by their partner. As an uninvested third party, a Divorce Coach can help you maintain the civility and dignity that your relationship deserves.

Healing from a divorce is a process. Working through the grief of losing a relationship and the plans you had for the future can often feel much like having a death in the family. Healing takes time and does not occur overnight. Therapists at Noyau offer an empathetic understanding, help you process this pain, and reinvent a new and exciting future for yourself and your family.

Divorce effects not only the couple but those who care for them. Children are especially effected by the divorce process. While the time of transition can be a struggle, it is important to remember that children are resilient. Children who live in a dual-family household often have their own set of concerns separate from that of their parents. Talking with them about the divorce may prove difficult for mom and dad. This can be especially true for adolescents who are just learning to communicate on a more mature level but are not yet comfortable talking with their parents. Therapists at Noyau specialize in varying age groups so that your child will feel at ease with discussing their perspective and feelings about the divorce.

Learning to co-parent effectively, especially after the marital dissolution, is important to the well being of the family and can greatly enhance your children’s acceptance of the situation. Establishing shared boundaries, remaining respectful of your former spouse, communicating effectively, and validating your children’s feelings are techniques that provide a healthy post-divorce environment for your children. Because divorce is filled with emotion it can, at times, be difficult to maintain these techniques. Working with a therapist who will nurture and encourage these behaviors can help to solidify their presence in your new life.

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