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Welcome to Noyau Wellness Nutrition Focus

Welcome to Noyau Wellness Nutrition Focus.   

My name is Dori Coetzee, a dietitian that loves to work with food and people. We can help you with food issues.  

This month we are in the thick of the Holiday Season.   All that shopping, whether for food or for presents, can be hectic.

When it comes to grocery shopping, we can help.

Take a look at this link from the Los Angeles Times, on how a Dr or dietitian can help you grocery shop.  Your Dr or Dietitian will shop with you at the grocery store

The store is a great place to help people get information on healthy eating.  Touring a store once is not enough though to change established habits. We have set up the month of January for weekly tours, menus and recipes for a new healthy style of living that  can be adopted.

As the New Year comes into place, watch for the Grocery store food tours that will help you get the best possible start to the New Year. Get ready to get started come January 2.



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