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walk-and-talkNoyau Wellness is one of the few groups in the DFW area offering Walk and Talk counseling. This unique and innovative form of therapy incorporates walking into your counseling sessions. At Noyau we know the importance and impact that the mind-body connection has on all of us. If you are among the many people who think better on your feet, or like the idea of therapy but aren’t sure if sitting in an office discussing your challenges and life history is right for you, then Walk and Talk therapy may be the answer.

The physical act of walking and literally moving forward can often be a catalyst to change. Some clients find it’s easier to connect with their therapist and with themselves when they have the distraction of walking during sessions. When we feel stuck in a situation, movement can often propel us into action and help us process the emotions that have been keeping us in one place.

How to prepare

When deciding if Walk-and-Talk therapy is right for you, first ensure you are healthy enough for 50 minutes of walking. Keep in mind that session length, objectives, and techniques will be the same as in a traditional counseling setting. While your first visit will take place in our offices, your subsequent Walk and Talk sessions will be in a predetermined location that has been set up with your therapist. It is important to arrive a few minutes early to ensure there are no complications with finding one another. Finally, be prepared to be on your feet for much of the counseling session, thus dressing accordingly will provide you with a more comfortable and effective session.

What to expect

Your initial session will be held in our offices. At this time the therapist will ask you some guided questions meant to create an overall understanding of who you are, your history, and your subjective world view as well as what challenges brought you to therapy.

The therapist will then work with you on developing a set of collaborative goals for therapy to get an idea of what you would like to accomplish and how we can help you achieve that. From there, the therapist will help you determine if Walk and Talk therapy are right for you. Understand that it may take more than one initial session before beginning to meet for walks as we work to build a therapeutic relationship and momentum for counseling.

The therapist can answer any questions you may have concerning how the process works as well as cover the limitations to confidentiality. Because the sessions take place in a more public environment than our offices, we cannot guarantee complete confidentiality. Should you encounter anyone you know during the session the therapist will defer to you on how to handle the situation. Your confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us and we will respect however you choose to proceed. Should your therapist be approached, they will not make introductions of other people and will quickly disengage from the conversation. We encourage you to let your therapist know if at any point you would like to stop and rest during your walk. The pace will be determined by you, and we may choose to speed up or slow down depending on your level of comfort or to increase privacy.

Once determined that Walk and Talk therapy is the right fit for you, a convenient location will be decided upon by you and your therapist. Venues may include White Rock Lake, the SMU campus, the Katy Trail, the Galleria or North Park Mall, or another agreed upon location. If your session is set to occur outdoors and inclement weather prevents an outdoor session you may choose to have your session in the office or reschedule with no cancellation fee.


Increasing research on the Mind-Body connection has shown a vital interdependence between the two, which is why we at Noyau place a high level of importance of focusing on both the mind as well as the body. Walk and Talk therapy incorporates aspects of both physical activity and emotional discovery to facilitate a higher level of healing and fulfillment. This new and unique modality is meant to create a sense of confidence and strength as well as highlighting the unity of the Body and Mind.

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