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  • Anger
  • Resentment
  • Lack of or issues with sex
  • Communication problems
  • Infidelity
  • Illness
  • Distance
  • Financial struggles

In our busy and chaotic society, our relationships are often the first area of our lives we stop working on and nurturing. It’s easy to think our partner will always be around and available and that person is often taken for granted. We frequently find other aspects of our lives to take our focus away from our primary relationships, and statistics prove there’s a significant amount of fallout. With divorce rates higher than 50%, it’s crucial in these times to make sure we’re growing as a couple and not just individually (although important as well).

Noyau couples counseling assists couples in understanding and resolving conflict with the understanding that conflict is inevitable in any relationship. How a couple works through issues can either tear them apart or help them grow together. Learning to argue well is an invaluable skill that often takes assistance and practice. Couples counseling also helps clients learn to communicate more effectively, negotiate differences, and problem solve.

Life stressors such as careers, family, and children can be difficult to navigate and often impact relationships in a negative way. Couples can experience distance and disconnect as they try to juggle these endless responsibilities. Noyau can help couples to reestablish, reconnect, and reprioritize in their relationships so that the partnership is fulfilling and rewarding again or like never before.

The sexual and passionate pieces of the relationship are often the first elements impacted by a relationship that is not on the best course. Noyau counseling and sex therapy can facilitate a couple finding lost passion and developing a more intimate sexual relationship. Often couples find themselves rarely engaging sexually, and this is a vital piece of a romantic relationship. Couples often need assistance to get back on track in this area.

Many couples feel their relationship is “perfect except…” Couples tend to struggle with the same issues over and over and feel it’s impossible to come to a compromise or resolution. Financial concerns, family involvement, and argument style tend to fall in this category. Noyau counseling can offer a new perspective and offer resolutions that have not been thought of or considered.

Your Noyau therapist will work with you to figure out your goals as a couple and help you find the best ways to achieve those goals in your relationship. Most couples will be assigned “homework” to work on between sessions in order to facilitate the process. You deserve a fulfilling and healthy relationship, and our therapists will work towards making that a reality.

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