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Play Therapy is a fun and innovative way that Noyau’s therapists work with children ages 3-11.  The curative nature of play brightens our spirits and elevates our mood. Play is essential for all of us, but for children it is one of the most important and expressive activities in their world.  Our specially trained and certified therapists bring a structured approach to play therapy to enhance your child’s communicative abilities. This process allows children, who do not have the verbal language to express difficult or complex thoughts and feelings, an opportunity to be heard and comforted.  Toys become words and play becomes our conversation, building a positive and collaborative relationship between therapist and child.

Areas that Play Therapy can benefit your child:

  • Increase their Emotional Vocabulary
  • Learn effective ways to experience and express emotion
  • Develop creative ways to successfully solve problems
  • Learn healthy ways to relate to family and friends
  • More easily move through life transitions
  • Achieve developmental tasks
  • Cultivate respect and empathy for others
  • Process confusing experiences
  • Decrease tantrums
  • Help with age inappropriate bed wetting
  • Discontinue age inappropriate thumb sucking
  • Decrease aggressive behavior (biting, fighting, sibling aggression)

Other areas where play therapy is utilized:

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Night Terrors
  • Sexualized behavior
  • Abuse
  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Divorce
  • Blended Families
  • Learning Differences
  • Deployed Parent(s)

What to Expect

When you make your initial appointment, please be sure to indicate that the appointment is for your child and give the office manager their age and level of functioning as you see it (very verbal, not very verbal, difficulty understanding emotions or regulating emotions, any recent trauma or major family changes), this will allow for the best suited counselor to be paired with your child.  

If you would like to have an entire session with the counselor prior to your child coming in, let our office manager know.  We understand that it can be scary to trust your child’s wellbeing to someone new and we want you to feel as comfortable and confident as possible as we proceed.  

The counselor may invite you into session from time to time as a therapeutic way to help the child build and practice skills.  The counselor may also give the child and the family homework assignments for this same reason.

You are always welcome to contact the counselor with questions, comments, concerns or to update them on how the child is doing at home.  We welcome parental and family participation in therapy. Please also understand that the relationship between counselor and client is one built on trust.  To ensure your child feels safe to express their most difficult emotions, the counselor will not share details about what your child discusses with you, unless the counselor feels your child is a harm to themself or someone else.  In building that trust, it is also helpful for you, the parent, to emphasize that you support that and respect their need for privacy.

Please know that we take the utmost care for our youngest clients.  We understand what an important time this is in their life. It is an honor to help those who are in the greatest developmental stages establish healthy ways of working through difficulties, expressing emotions, and building positive coping skills.  The counselors at Noayu Wellness understand the incredible impact this has, not only on their childhood and adolescence, but throughout their entire life.

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