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Noyau In the News: Election Anxiety Leaves Many Sleepless – Kevin Cokely

Post-Election Anxiety Leaves Many Sleepless

By Kevin Cokely

Regardless of how they voted – or even voted at all – many people are feeling anxious, agitated or helpless after last week’s presidential election.

“I haven’t had one client that came in that didn’t have something, some concern, some anxiety or some comment on the election, or just society in general, or how they’re feeling about that it’s definitely changed in the last week,” said Charity Hagains, senior therapist at Noyau Wellness Center in Dallas.

“It’s such a divisive election year that that’s really the thing that people seem to have the most anxiety about – is the feeling that the country is divided,” said Hagains. “Or their friends or neighbors are at odds with each other, or that Thanksgiving is going to be really complicated because people are so polarized.”

Many people report having problems getting a good night’s sleep.

“If I felt helpless last night or I felt anxious or agitated last night, I feel 10-times more today because I got an hour-and-a-half sleep,” Hagains said someone might feel.

Exercise can help deal with the anxiety, and so can seeking support from friends.

“I know our morning class this morning, probably 6 a.m., had like 29 people or something in it, so we definitely have some good attendance going on,” said Ashley Lewelling, an instructor at Sunstone Yoga.

“If you’re staying in the moment, then you can’t be super anxious right?” said Lewelling. “Anxiety is thinking about things that haven’t happened yet.”

“Right now it seems like everyone is still going through the grief process – again no matter who you voted for – because the country, it feels like, has changed. A lot has changed in the last week, just the energy,” said Hagains.

With the holidays approaching, Hagains says family functions could become upsetting without respecting others’

“I think what people are going to have to focus on are boundaries,” said Hagains.

Taken from a Channel 5 News story article: http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Post-Election-Anxiety-Leaves-Many-Sleepless-401389576.html?_osource=mobilesharebar

Source: Post-Election Anxiety Leaves Many Sleepless | NBC 5 Dallas-Fort Worth http://www.nbcdfw.com/news/local/Post-Election-Anxiety-Leaves-Many-Sleepless-401389576.html?_osource=mobilesharebar#ixzz4VOluPoUI
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