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Summertime and the Livin’ is Easy…Or Is It?

Summer is here, and we’re excited to start a new season at Noyau!  The sun is shining, the heat is rising, and that pool is looking more and more enticing.  Summer brings on so many fun things – outdoor barbecues, lazy days at the pool, beach vacations, and the list goes on.  But, have you considered what a great time it is to start or reinvest in counseling?  We’ve compiled the top 10 reasons why this is the perfect time for you to get started!

-10 Reasons Why You Should Start Counseling this Summer

1. Feeling Good.  Right now is when people usually feel their very best.  Research says that extra sun and outdoor activity elevates mood, so counseling may be the last thing on your mind.  But, that may be the very reason to start counseling now.  Because you feel good right now, you won’t be entering counseling in crisis.  You won’t have to start with dealing with the crisis at hand, you can dig into the underlying issues that keep crisis’ away or help you better prepare when one does occur.  It’s so much easier to dig and heal when you are already feeling good.
2. You’re Energized.  With summer comes new and invigorating energy.  You’re ready to shed those winter blues and the long monotonous days that often come with it.  Now that you’re energized, you can really start to tackle those things and issues you may have been putting off until later.  Use that extra energy to work on you!
3. It’s All About the Kids.  But does it have to be, and should it be?  It’s easy to feel like the focus is all about keeping the kids entertained over the summer and making sure they’re having fun and happy.  Many times we forget that it’s good and healthy to continue to focus on ourselves as well.  Carving out a little time just for you can be the best thing to keep you going and motivated to be with your kids in a healthy, positive way.  
4. Summer Camp Reinvented.  Remember when you were a kid and you went off to camp?  You learned new skills, developed new friendships, and maybe challenged some of your ideas and ways of being.  This is a great time to create a summer camp for yourself again.  Starting with counseling can help you determine what goals you want to set, help you think of new ways to energize and increase your quality of life, and take you on a new path of self discovery…just like summer camp!
5. Extended Break Time.  Most people either have extended break time from work, a break from school, or business is a little slower in the summer.  What a great time to jump start the counseling you’ve been meaning to start!  You have some extra time on your hands to really jump in and start the process of becoming the person you want to be right now.  Devoting that extra time to you and starting new healthy habits now, can help you develop a good foundation before life gets busy again.
6. Capitalize on That Fresh Vacation Feeling.  Chances are, you will take a vacation that is (hopefully) very refreshing.  Vacations give us new perspective and help us restore.  We come back wondering how to keep that easy going, relaxed feeling around but are often unsure if that is even a possibility.  We’re here to help you learn to keep that vacation vibe even when you’re home.  Now is a great time to figure out how to better balance your life and make some changes that will create lasting, life long impact.
7. Perfect Weather.  Whether starting a new routine, engaging in new activities, creating a fresh workout plan, or reengaging in old faves, it’s easier when it’s nice outside.  The sun invites us and pushes us outdoors to really enjoy and engage in our lives.  Vitamin D dumps chemicals in our systems that create positive feelings, inevitably pushing us to be more proactive and healthy.  Starting counseling can help you really discover you and take advantage of this time.
8. Wedding/Anniversary Season.  Like most of us, you are probably bombarded with anniversaries and weddings this time of year.  Why not create a new anniversary that is all about you? This could be the anniversary of the day you really started to become the person you’ve always wanted to be.  Wouldn’t it be great to get to June 15th next summer, and say, “Wow!  Look how much I’ve grown and really taken the reigns of my life since last summer!”?  
9.  Impending Holiday Season. The holidays get here quickly once summer is over which leads to full schedules and little time for you.  How great would it be to start the holiday season with a new perspective, better habits, and a stronger sense of self and being?  It would be so much easier to walk through those holidays as a full and healthy whole person than trying to navigate that time period in the same way you have the previous years.  Holidays are stressful, and beginning that time period in a new way could be just the thing you need to have the most fulfilling holidays yet.  
10. Summer is Here!  We made it!  We got to one of the best times of the year, and we have big plans.  We want you to have the best summer (and life!) yet, and we’re here to help you start that journey.  Life is busy, and there is always something waiting around the corner.  Don’t keep putting off what could be a life altering decision, and start taking control of your life today.  We want you to have your best summer, year, and life now!
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