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Make Monday as productive as Tuesday!

Motivation Monday
By Charity Hagains MA LPC-S
Monday’s have historically been the most hated day of week, with Sunday evenings coming in a close second.  Thankfully you can take control over the Monday blues with a few simple steps:
  • Caffeine!  No joke, studies have proven that 1-3 cups of caffeine has enormous health benefits including…waking up your brain chemicals.
  • Exercise.  Don’t put this off for Monday afternoon, get up and get moving!  An early morning workout can completely change your day from procrastination to productivity.
  • Eat.  Do not skip Monday’s morning breakfast.  If you want to skip Tuesday by all means, go for it, but not Monday.  We already have a predisposition to hate Monday’s, which is why we have to consciously do all we can to make Monday a great day.  Nutrition is huge when it comes to our mood and our motivation.
  • Do the crap work first  We all have that thing that we have been putting off – that stuff we don’t want to do this week anymore than we wanted to do it last week.  Well, enough is enough.  Power through the tough tasks first thing Monday morning, and see what happens.  You probably didn’t die, and the building didn’t collapse around you.  It may have felt like one or both of those thing would happen if you had to complete this task, but that’s because the longer we put things off the more daunting they feel.  Get it done, and see how that changes your day.
Take back your Monday with Motivation!!  Happy Monday all!!
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