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At Noyau, we know that selecting your LPC supervisor is one of the most important steps in your career. You need someone to not only encourage you but challenge you to try new interventions and techniques, expand your knowledge, and develop your therapeutic and professional skills. We want to nurture your personality as a therapist and help you grow further as you lead others down the path of healing and success.

Charity Hagains and Angela Taylor are board certified supervisors who provide a safe and respectful place to process cases while offering constructive feedback and guidance. They work to help you develop your own professional identity and individuality towards becoming a successful and effective therapist. Your style and strengths are as individual as you, and they work to nurture and develop those even further.

Hagains and Taylor are familiar and comfortable with most therapeutic theories and encourage their LPC-Interns to utilize these various models in their practice. As an Intern, you can expect to expand your knowledge of different theories and what may work best with your personality and the client’s. Additionally, different reading materials will be encouraged based on personal and professional development.

We invite you to call and set up an initial meeting to see if we are a good fit for you at 214-706-0619. Supervision Fee: $280/month (includes 2 individual sessions at $80 and 2 group sessions at $60).

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