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LGBT couples counseling is, on the surface, the same as any other couples counseling. The couple has stopped communicating well, struggled with infidelity, been challenged with children, had a difficult time working through moves or job loss or changes, and/or a host of other various issues in which every couple is challenged. The couple may need to learn how to communicate and disagree in a healthy way or work through difficult issues together and more productively.

However, LGBT couples often have an additional stress placed on their relationship by society. There are still many places where these relationships are not accepted, and the couple may face discrimination. This type of treatment can place added stress on any relationship. Additionally, they may have the added concerns of not being able to marry, leading to tax and healthcare issues. The financial issues that are difficult in any relationship can be magnified by adding these additional circumstances.

How to Prepare

Think about how you want your relationship to look, and set the intention of being open and honest with your needs and expectations. Contemplate what you enjoy about your relationship and what is working well. Also, think about the issues with which you have struggled and have not been able to find solutions where both people are happy and satisfied. Recall the arguments between you and your partner, how they progress, and whether a resolution is reached or not. This will give your therapist a good idea of how you are functioning as a couple.

What to Expect

Your therapist will gather a working knowledge of you both as individuals and as a couple. The first session will be with both of you, and the next two will probably be individual sessions. This will help your therapist get to know you each while learning about your backgrounds, relationship history, thoughts, and ideas about your hopes and needs in your current relationship. The individual sessions are completely confidential. Anything discussed individually will not be brought up in joint sessions without your consent.

As you move forward in therapy, you will be given a comfortable environment to explore your thoughts and feelings while being challenged and given homework to complete between sessions. Sessions will more than likely be weekly to achieve the best and most rapid results.


Results are as individual as each couple is unique. The therapists at Noyau are experts in couples counseling and have been trained to work with any issue that is presented. Each therapist will work hard to help you achieve the success you are hoping to experience. That being said, your results are dependent on the work you put forth in counseling and the homework between your sessions. Both partners need to be working equally on the relationship and identifying his or her own downfalls as well as their partner’s. The more you focus on what you can do differently, the more your relationship will progress and flourish. Our goal is for you both to be happy and fulfilled, whether by continuing in the relationship or choosing to move on in separate lives. We will work to help you figure out what the best path is for you.

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