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Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients have unique concerns when entering therapy. Worry over the level of understanding and acceptance their chosen therapist can offer as well as their ability to comprehend the complexities of the coming out process are common concerns.

At Noyau wellness, we view every client as a unique and valuable individual. We are aware and sensitive to the personal conflict and societal struggles experienced by the LGBT community. Our therapists have experience working with clients who are in the midst of confusion over their sexuality, navigating the coming out process, coming to grips with being a member of a minority group as well as establishing a personal identity that may be different from what it was at a previous time.

How to prepare

In preparation for therapy, take a moment to write down a few of the issues you would like to discuss with your therapist. If you are struggling with verbalizing your struggles with your therapist, feel free to bring the list of issues to your session and allow the therapist to read through them. We know that it can sometimes be stressful to voice our most private thoughts and fears even when you want to talk about them. The therapist will help guide you while working to create a collaborative relationship where you are able to feel safe and secure in discussing these topics.

What to expect

Your first session is unique in that it may resemble a therapeutic interview where the therapist asks you a series of guided questions to gain an understanding of your history and subjective world view. Together, you and your therapist will compile a set of goals you would like to accomplish during counseling.

Subsequent sessions will help you gain insight into where some of your feelings originated, what thoughts and behaviors are causing you the most difficulty in your current life, and how to overcome these obstacles so that you can achieve optimum fulfillment. The therapist will focus on the areas of your life that you feel are inadequate and would like to change.


Therapy is most effective when clients are open and honest with their counselor, able to engage in self-discovery, and provide follow through with homework assignments provided by the therapist. A sense of personal satisfaction and acceptance are goals clients strive for during counseling. Working together, you and your therapist will look to uncover those areas where you feel your life could be improved upon in an effort to achieve long lasting profound change that enables you to live a successful and fulfilled future.

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