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Senior Therapist

Specialties: Anxiety, Depression, Sexual Assault, Abuse, PTSD and Self Esteem.

Kristin Benton, a Senior Therapist, is passionate about understanding and uncovering what is keeping her clients from the fulfilling and exciting lives they deserve. Kristin has trained under the best in the field to become an expert in counseling and life coaching. She has a genuine interest in the welfare of her clients and consistently provides meaningful feedback, interpretation, and appropriate directness when needed. Kristin has an innate ability to set her clients at ease and provides a nurturing space to explore and heal any issues her clients are encountering.

Kristin works with each client, couple, and family to examine biological, social, intellectual, spiritual, and emotional aspects and the pervasive thought processes keep many people “stuck.” She understands that all these parts of ourselves interact for the well-being or detriment of each of us. Kristin will work with you to explore the choices, assumptions, and expectations that may be affecting you positively or negatively. She will provide a framework to challenging and possibly changing these aspects in order to achieve success and happiness. Kristin believes every individual has within them the tools needed to resolve their own difficulties, and she wants to help each client find those tools within themselves.

Kristin specializes in depression, anxiety, codependency, and relationship issues. She also has significant experience with self esteem, history of abuse, bipolar, relationship violence, and substance abuse issues, among others. Prior to joining Noyau, Kristin worked in various mental health settings including Irving Family Advocacy Center and University Behavioral Health. Kristin received her Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Abilene Christian University and her Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University.

“I felt welcome and comfortable. Great first therapy experience. Great staff and great office.”

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