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Senior Therapist, Personal Development Coach

Justine Guzman, MA, LPC, Personal Development Coach has a firmly established and respected reputation as an expert in working with individuals, couples, and families on a variety of issues including sexuality, eating disorders, mood, self-harm, and ethnic identity.  Additionally, Justine is increasingly sought out for her skilled experience working with the LGBT community because of her unique training, methodology, and understanding.

With a direct and intentional approach towards your healing and growth, Justine works jointly with her clients to enable a process and environment for complete and limitless transformation.  Justine applies counseling and coaching in a well-balanced and judicious style while uncovering each person’s individuality.  She focuses on your relationships and corresponding emotions to help you understand your needs and how to fulfill them. Justine facilitates growth using culturally appropriate interventions, and her combination of empathic confrontation and acceptance of you as a person lays the ground work for you to move towards personal understanding and happiness.

Justine received her Bachelor’s in Psychology, with a minor in Sexuality Studies, from the University of North Texas and her Master’s in Counseling Psychology from Texas Woman’s University. Justine gained extensive experience at the Center for Discovery where she fine-tuned her skills in working with individuals, families, and groups while effectively collaborating with other health care providers for ultimate and holistic healing of her clients. Justine has also provided her expertise at various outpatient facilities and local advocacy agencies while providing counseling and psychoeducation to adolescents, families, and couples.


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