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Are you:

  • Finding your tolerance has increased so that it takes more to get you high?
  • Taking drugs to relieve the withdrawal symptoms you are experiencing?
  • Choosing drug use over relationships and responsibilities?
  • Feeling like you cannot control yourself in regard to your drug use?
  • Not participating in things you used to enjoy because of your drug use?
  • Continuing to use even though you know it is causing you unusual symptoms such as depression, paranoia, mood swings, memory loss, illness, etc.?
  • Using drugs under dangerous conditions (i.e. unprotected sex, driving under the influence, using dirty needles, etc.)?
  • Involved in legal issues because of your drug use?

Drug addiction can feel like a downward spiral with no way out. One day you may feel like you can conquer your addiction, and the next day you feel like there is no hope. You are possibly surrounded by people encouraging you to continue using while your close friends and loved ones grow frustrated and not sure of how to help. The mixed message is confusing, and the drugs continue to win. You know you want a way out, but you are not sure how to get there.

When you began using, you probably thought that it would just be that once or only in certain circumstances. The drug you tried was not very dangerous and you had heard it was not addictive. You found yourself craving again and eventually needed more or something stronger to get the same level of high. One day, you turned around and realized you were using more frequently than you expected and finding it hard to function in your world without it. You were beginning to lose control but did not know how to stop the fast moving train you were on. This is not how you expected your life to be unfolding.

Your friends and family have more than likely tried to help in whatever ways they can think of that would speak to you. They may have gotten angry with you, cried with you, decided to stop associating with you, and any number of other responses. They may not realize that the addiction is much stronger than themselves, and one cannot just “decide” to stop using. Addiction takes over, and most people need significant treatment to break free from the chains of drug use.

At Noyau, our experts will help you break the cycle. We know the road can be long to healing, but you do not have to try to conquer this alone. We will work with you to develop healthy coping mechanisms, work through issues that may have led to your drug use, and trouble shoot potential risks and vulnerabilities you may experience in the future. Drug use is a tangled web, and we will help you detangle the living circumstances and relationships you may have developed to feed your addiction.

In addition to our therapists, our massage therapist, dietitian, and doctor can work with you to develop the best plan for your healing. Through massage you will begin to release some of the toxins in your body while learning the importance of self care. Our dietitian and holistic medical practitioner will provide additional assistance in this regard while adding any additional treatments that might be beneficial to your recovery. We will work together to nurture and heal your mind and body so you can experience the release of addiction that often feels impossible to overcome. You need support and help through this process, and we are here to offer that to you in a safe, nonjudgmental, and comfortable environment.

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