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Heroes Left Behind was developed by Noyau out of a need we have become increasingly aware of as we work with more and more first responders (military, police, firefighters, EMTs, etc.) and their families. There is a void being left from the casualties and trauma occurring around us. Those who choose to protect us, our freedom, and our way of life are often left without many resources to deal with the psychological toll that being involved in a traumatic and violent situation can bring. Additionally, we are losing too many of our nation’s finest, and the survivors left at home are struggling to pick up the pieces.

Soldiers and first responders often encounter depression, anxiety, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and other issues after witnessing or being involved in a situation where they are called on for protection. Many of these men and women feel alone and confused as to why they are having a difficult time coping or moving forward. Many feel life will never be the same, and happiness has been lost. They worry they will never be able to experience excitement and joy, and they often fear the flashbacks will never end. Not knowing where to turn or who to trust can further complicate and magnify these issues.

For family members who have lost loved ones, the loss feels impossible to endure and makes it indescribably difficult to move forward. We believe that the family members of our soldiers and first responders are heroes as well. They fight the battle at home by taking care of those around them and being a constant support system to our heroes on the streets and abroad. They often sacrifice themselves, enabling their family members to serve and protect a greater good.

Therefore, we want to honor and help lift up our nation’s heroes and the people that supported and sacrificed for those that have fallen. We value and cherish the work you do as a soldier and the families of those keeping us safe and know your role is absolutely essential.

These Heroes Left Behind are often faced with a lack of services and support of their own once the worst has unfolded. While we cannot change the events or bring back the loved one you may have lost, our hope is to be here for you in some small way during this tragic and confusing time. For those that have lost, grief for your loved one and the future you had planned with them, is often indescribable and overwhelming. For those who have served, the feelings of hopelessness, grief, sadness, fear, and guilt can feel debilitating.

We at Noyau want to help you unravel the chaos and confusion that comes with defining what steps to take next. We aspire to be here for you on that journey in whatever way we can whether it be as a listening ear, for guidance, understanding, or a little direction in starting a new path. We know we can’t take your pain away. Our goal is to instill hope as you slowly begin to move forward.

The questions you are facing and the myriad of feelings you are experiencing are normal, but they can and will be confusing. Working with a professional during this transition can have lasting benefits not only for you, but for those you love as well. We are honored to be here for you during this time of your life and the gift to be able to help you through this process. Our gratitude towards you and your sacrifice cannot ever be fully expressed, but we hope to help you on your road to healing.

(Counseling for soldiers and first responders is completely free of charge. Call for an appointment at 214-706-0619, or let someone know who might benefit from our program.)

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