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The Loss of Kidd Kraddick

A City in Mourning: Grieving the Loss of Kidd Kraddick

by Charity Hagains MA, LPC-S

Over the past couple of weeks the city of Dallas has mourned the loss of an
icon we have all come to care for in ways we didn’t even realize.  For over
two decades, Kidd Kraddick woke us up and got us moving every morning.  The
majority of people I have spoken with since his passing have all expressed
similar stages of shock, not just at his passing but at how much he meant
to them.  Repeatedly this week I heard, “I don’t know why I am this upset,
but I am.  I never even met him, but I feel like I have lost a part of my
family.”  I remind clients that although he may not have known us, we did
know him.

*Grief doesn’t always make sense*, but it is a shared emotional response
that most of the city is struggling through.  The man we knew through his
radio career was caring, loving, ridiculous, and genuine.  He shared
himself with us everyday.  As we work to overcome the shock of his sudden
passing, it seems we all feel a sense of wishing we could have expressed
how much we appreciated that open, honest conversation that we took for

Grief is never an easy emotion to process, but sharing such unpleasant and
difficult feelings with others is a coping mechanism that I for one am
grateful for experiencing.  The best way to work through these feelings is
to talk about them.  In this case, it seems many people feel silly for
having such an emotional attachment to someone they did not know
personally, but I urge you not to dismiss the shock and sadness you are

The staff at Noyau has been greatly effected by his passing as well.  We
have gathered as a group and talked about our favorite memories of Kidd
Kraddick.  All of us are native Texans and have been listening to Kidd
since we were in high school.  We grew up with him.  We each learned so
much about life, family, and friendship from the years we spent listening
to his show.  Stopping to talk about the ways he impacted each of us and
sharing with someone else what we are feeling has been indescribably

As we each mourn Kidd in our own personal way, I urge you share your
memories and your sadness with those around you.  The entire city is
feeling the void his death has left.  Use that shared grief as an
opportunity to come together and heal as a city.  There is no greater
comfort than the support and empathy of others.  Let his legacy of
authentic conversation be your guide through, what may be, a surprisingly
painful time.

We support Kidd’s legacy and hope you will too.



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