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Death of a loved one

  • End of a relationship
  • Separation or Divorce
  • Miscarriage
  • Major health issues
  • Major financial changes
  • Death of a pet

At Noyau, we know that there is no greater pain than experiencing the death and/or loss of someone or something you love. You find yourself feeling alone and lost in a dark and scary world of change and drastic transition. Stability, meaning, and patterns are challenged, and your idea of how to operate in this world is threatened. We know that this time in your life feels insurmountable and the answers feel obscure and out of reach. While we can not promise to give you all the answers, we can help carry you through your journey.

We want to provide a safe place for you to explore your feelings and be present with you through the roller coaster of emotions you are feeling. Anger, guilt, and sadness are just a few of the inevitable emotions that come with loss, and we want to help you work through those in a healthy way.

Often people feel guilty about what they are feeling or how long their grief process is taking. We understand that everyone’s process is unique, and grief does not have a timeline. We also understand that sometimes grief may not be felt for months or years. Often people feel the need to repress emotions in order to keep moving forward or to help those around them. The outcome of this may be an inability to be vulnerable in relationships, lack of commitment, depression, anxiety, and so forth. Noyau therapists will help you heal from the initial loss or losses so that you can start to enjoy life again.

Often people struggle with the meaning of the loss, life, and other fundamental values when this is experienced. We are here to work with you towards finding that meaning and understanding so that you may begin to reconcile your loss and begin to experience growth in an altered environment. We want to help you remember respectfully while assisting you in rebuilding and renewing hope for your future.

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