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Success and Empowerment Coach

Impassioned to support and guide her clients through life’s challenges, Counseling Specialist Gisela Sanchez is committed to creating a welcoming and positive environment where growth and change occur. Working tirelessly to help clients develop a more accurate view of their experiences, themselves, their relationships and the world around them, Gisela’s clients experience a renewed sense of self and fulfillment. Working in private practice and various community settings, Gisela has help hundreds of people achieve a deeper understanding of their needs and desires, as well as overcome the barriers that have prevented them from achieving their goals. She strongly believes in her clients resilience and capacity for change, and uses that to help clients build on their innate strengths to overcome adversity.

Through a collaborative relationship built on mutual respect and trust, Gisela provides insight and compassion as clients move through life’s difficulties. Specializing in Anxiety, Trauma Recovery, Relationship Issues, Divorce Recovery, Life Transitions and Codependency, Gisela is a champion for healing and change. Her extensive work with adolescents, adults, and couples has given her a unique and specialized expertise to guide her clients towards success.

After receiving her BA in Psychology from the University of Texas, Gisela went on to complete her Graduate Degree in Community Counseling at the University of North Texas. Her Bilingual skills as a fluent English and Spanish speaker create a valuable link between Noyau and the Latino community.


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