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Are you experiencing the following?

  • Painful emotions regarding an infertility diagnosis
  • One or more miscarriages
  • Feelings of extreme sadness or depression
  • Feeling hopeless and/or helpless
  • Mood swings
  • Preoccupation with infertility
  • Feelings of grief and loss over not being able to conceive
  • Changes in appetite
  • Changes in sleep patterns
  • Feelings of anger, guilt, or blame over infertility issues
  • Difficulty connecting with your partner
  • Conflict with your partner over infertility issues
  • Concern that you will never experience parenthood
  • Confusion about which option is best for you (fertility treatments, adoption, surrogacy, etc.)

Receiving a diagnosis that conception will be challenging or impossible can be devastating. When planning your future many people envision themselves as parents and grandparents. The physical and emotional effects of being told that the future you had mapped out may not happen is a painful experience. Questions such as, “What did I do wrong?” or “Why is this happening to me?” are common responses.

Fear that you will never experience the joys of parenthood or that your dreams are vanishing and you are helpless to stop the process can be overwhelming. Watching friends and loved ones have children and live out all that you had planned can cause anxiety, panic, and jealousy. These feelings may get in the way of maintaining supportive relationships with your close friends and family. Believing they can’t understand what you are going through or that they don’t really care clouds your ability to remain close or be open and honest about what you are feeling.

Experiencing guilt or anger over the situation is normal. When we are faced with a problem, our first response may be to look for who is to blame. In situations where there is no one, we often place blame with those in which we are the closest. In some cases, this may be your partner. Using anger and conflict with your partner as a means to dealing with the stress and pain of infertility will lead to a break down in the relationship. It may become difficult to communicate or connect with one another because of the fear that further discussion might create additional conflict or feelings about one person not understanding the other. Believing that one of you is more hurt or more stressed can further continue the cycle of anger, blame, and guilt.

Multiple miscarriages often occur when couples with fertility issues are trying to conceive. The emotional roller coaster that accompanies a miscarriage can be one of the most painful experience a couple can experience. Soaring hope and excitement are combined with fear and anxiety over possibly losing the pregnancy. Once a miscarriage does occur, the grief can become overwhelming. Feelings of hopelessness replace excitement. Depression is a common and normal response to miscarriage. Working with a therapist trained in helping you manage these emotions can be helpful for getting back your positive outlook and the enjoyment you once experienced.

At Noyau Wellness, our experts have experience working with couples and individuals struggling with fertility issues. Whether you are worried that you may have fertility problems, feel anxious about seeking medical help, experienced the loss of a miscarriage, or have been diagnosed with infertility, we are here to offer support and encouragement. Processing your feelings in a caring and nurturing environment can help you sort through the confusion. Through a collaborative partnership, our therapists provide a safe environment for you to express the pain you have been enduring and help lead you towards healing. You don’t have to walk this path alone. Our therapists offer understanding and provide hope for a successful and fulfilling future that you deserve.

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