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Who is Noyau?

Noyau Wellness is a collaborative mental health and wellness center focusing on changing lives through counseling, nutrition consulting, massage therapy, and medicine. Founded in Dallas, Texas in 2010, Noyau utilizes expert practitioners in various fields of healing to enhance the mind, body, spirit connection.

Creators and Senior Therapists, Angela S. Taylor MA, LPC, and Charity Hagains MA, LPC are the visionaries behind this innovative new approach to wellness. In a response to the lack of communication between practitioners, Taylor & Hagains endeavored to design a center where collaboration was a cornerstone to a client’s treatment plan. Noyau Wellness cultivates a deep collective determination to support and enhance the lives of their clients by regularly convening and sharing ideas amongst in-house health professionals.

Why is Noyau collaboration important?

Research has proven that the mind and body are interconnected in such a way that if one is not functioning fully, the other cannot possibly work effectively. The body and mind are interdependent on one another, and both need to be healthy in order to feel happy and whole. Often someone may be working on the mind while neglecting the body. That person quite possibly will not be able to fully heal without addressing both. For example, someone with depression needs to work through past issues and feelings, develop new and more positive ways of thinking, and to develop more adequate coping mechanisms. However, while someone is experiencing depression, that person is likely neglecting physical health. A healthier diet, exercise plan, self-care, and acupuncture focusing on restoring energy and dopamine levels will work together towards happiness, well-being, and a life of fulfillment.

Combining Counseling, Nutritional Consultation, Massage Therapy, and Medicine, Noyau integrates total body and mind rejuvenation. Areas of treatment include: anxiety, depression, addiction, mood disorders, body image issues, low self-esteem, negative self image, relationship issues, sex issues, ADD/ADHD, chronic pain, weight control issues, and various other mental and physical conditions.

What you can expect from your Noyau experience?

By utilizing all of these avenues, we have noticed significantly more effective and accelerated healing and success in our clients. By working on all aspects of a person, you work towards healing wholly and fully. You will meet with your therapist and develop a plan that fits you and your needs. You may see one of our clinicians or all four depending on your needs. The frequency and span of your treatment also depends on you. While one person may need the insight of a therapist and a nutritionist, another might already have a healthy diet but need to focus more on self care with regular massages. You and your needs are the focus, and we will work within the parameters you set.

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The Noyau Staff

The founders of Noyau have worked diligently to find the experts in each of these fields. The therapists, dietitians, massage therapists, and medical practitioners have been highly trained, educated, and worked successfully with countless clients. They have devoted their lives to helping others restore mental and physical health so that their clients may have happiness and fulfillment in all life has to offer. Not only is this a passion for each of these individuals, it is a way of life. Each member of our staff works actively towards their own health and well-being. While this is a benefit to them, it is an even greater benefit to their clients. Being whole and at peace allows them to fully give to their clients, not only through their given specialities, but also life experience.

As renowned educators, Noyau lends their collective expertise as public speakers, media consultants, and guest authors. Headquartered at 5445 La Sierra Dr., Suite 200, Dallas, TX 75231, Noyau professionals travel locally as well as nationally to lend their expert opinion on issues pertaining to mind-body wellness.

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