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Are you experiencing the following?

  • Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness
  • Too little or too much sleep
  • Low appetite or overeating
  • Low energy or fatigue
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Difficulty making decisions
  • Low mood
  • Feelings of inadequacy
  • Loss of interest in once enjoyed activities
  • Feelings of guilt over the past
  • Excessive anger

Dysthymic Disorder is a form of mood disorder wherein depressive symptoms last for more than two years. Many clients report a general unhappiness in their lives lasting for long periods of time and may feel that is “just the we they are.” While some days are better than others, people with dysthymia have more bad days than good. They find it difficult to experience joy even on happy occasions.

While it is normal to experience sadness or anger at times, people who suffer from dysthymia have lasting symptoms that continue long after the situation has passed. These negative feelings can begin to effect their relationships, career or academic work, and daily activities.

Characterized by a generally “bleak” mood, dysthymic disorder differs from depression in two major areas. One is that the depressive symptoms are not as severe as those experienced with major depressive disorder. Clients feel like they are operating at about 75% most of their lives, never really feeling happy but never really hitting rock bottom either. Thoughts of suicide may enter the mind, however concrete plans for action do not materialize as they often do in major depressive disorder.

The second identifier of Dysthymic Disorder is how long it lasts. Clients may not even realize they are suffering with the disorder because it has simply lasted so long. Often originating in adolescents or early adulthood (times of increased physical and mental transition), people believe these symptoms are a part of their personality. They may characterize themselves as pessimistic or grouchy and never really look for ways to feel better.

Fortunately, there are various treatments for dysthymic disorder that can help clients learn to manage symptoms and develop a healthier outlook on life. Every individual deserves to feel worthy and valuable. Seeing the positive in life and experiencing deep joy and connectedness to others is essential to reaching success and fulfillment in life.

Therapists at Noyau Wellness Center work with clients to develop techniques that work for them so that when negative thoughts enter their mind, they do not overtake their life. Through a collaborative partnership, the client and therapist confront the illogical thinking, irrational responses, and negative self-talk that has been stunting emotional growth.

Dysthymic disorder effects not only your mental health but also your physical health. For this reason, treatment is much more effective if clients address not only the mind but the body as well. Noyau Wellness Center employs a number of experienced practitioners from various areas to work with clients on multiple levels. This collaborative approach is an innovative step in the treatment of dysthymic disorder. Offering counseling, nutritional consulting, medicine, and massage therapy, practitioners confer regularly to establish the most effective and balanced treatment for clients. Some clients may require pharmaceutical intervention, and in these individual cases we will use referrals to local psychiatric doctors to ensure proper treatment.

We understand the difficulties you have been experiencing and the suffering that has ensued. Fortunately there is a light at the end of the tunnel for such disorders. Learning new ways of thinking in combination with healthy lifestyle changes, you can get back

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