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Are you experiencing the following:

  • Mild to severe pain that does not go away
  • Persistent pain for weeks, months, or even years
  • Attempts to eliminate or ease pain that have not been successful
  • Pain that is shooting, burning, aching, or electrical
  • Feeling of tightness, soreness, discomfort, or stiffness
  • Sleep disturbance
  • Withdrawal from activities you enjoyed in the past because of pain or illness
  • Lack of energy or exhaustion
  • Chronic illness that is persistent and gradually gets worse
  • Chronic illness that is sporadic and uncertain
  • Depression, anxiety, stress, anger, irritability, and/or feelings of hopelessness

Chronic pain and chronic illness can be debilitating and feel draining and hopeless. People often struggle with not knowing when or if their pain or illness will ever get better or heal completely. This can lead down a road of hopelessness and despair. Many of those that struggle with this type of pain or illness end up with depression and/or anxiety because nothing has worked, and they may have not found a way to cope with the current struggles and the fear of what lies ahead. These types of mental issues can increase the pain or make the illness worse which leads to a downward spiral. Sufferers often feel alone in their struggle leading to isolation when a support system is imperative.

Chronic pain and chronic illness can often force lifestyle changes that add to the challenges one is already facing. Outside activity may be limited, adjusting to physical limitations can be difficult, and financial struggles may ensue from inability to work and medical expenses. Social functioning may also be a challenge because of the pain or other limitations experienced. All of these added together leads to those suffering to have an up to fifteen percent more likelihood of developing anxiety and depression. Depression often leads to poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and the neglecting of hygiene which may make your symptoms and illness worse.

Therefore, acting quickly is essential to avoid the downward spiral that chronic pain and illness can create. You need to be able to fight your illness, and you cannot do that fully and completely while struggling with these other mental issues. The therapists at Noyau are trained in working with chronic pain and illness. They will work with you to help you heal mentally and develop crucial coping mechanisms. There are ways to deal with your pain and illness so that they do not drastically change your life. You can still enjoy the world around you and live a fulfilling, happy life. You may be feeling hopeless right now, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Therapy can help you figure out how to get your life back or a new way to live that is meaningful and works for you.

In combination with our therapists, we have experts in nutrition, massage therapy, and medicine. All of these combined create a healing environment for anyone dealing with chronic pain or illness. This collaborative approach works particularly well with those struggling with these issues because the mind and body work together to create overall well-being. The healthier you are physically and mentally, the better you will feel. You will also be stronger mentally and physically to tackle your pain or illness so that you do not feel so lost and hopeless. You have more power and control than you realize, and we want to help you regain that and find your inner strength again.

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