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buisness-partnership-counselingBusiness partnerships develop out of common interest, mutual understanding and goals, and a belief that success will inevitably transpire from the relationship. However, a business partnership is much like a marriage. You go into the relationship with the expectation that you have selected the perfect partner and your pairing will be a success without wanting to believe that struggles could potentially develop. Your interests and dreams seem to coincide so well that you feel you can work through any differences in ideas or opinions. Sometimes, these differences lead to conflict and a feeling that you have made the wrong choice and are not certain you can get back on the same page.

Noyau therapists are expertly trained and experienced in assisting you in working through these issues. We know your success is important to you both as well as the relationship that is the foundation of your business. It can be difficult to remember that you both share a common dream – you may just have different, but both valid, ways of achieving that dream. We work to help you remember and build on your foundation, work through current issues, and assist you in developing a plan to work through any future issues that may arise.

How to Prepare

Be prepared to bring in seemingly small issues as well as much larger differences in ideas and opinions. The more open you are from the beginning, the quicker you will begin to work together cohesively again. There may be situations that occurred long ago that which are still consumed by or concerned about that need to be addressed and worked through. Bring those up as well as the current differences your experiencing. Your ideas about the past may be shaping the way you are handling the current events in your business with your partner.

What to Expect

Your therapist may want to see you together and both individually to gain a better understanding of both of you. You will likely come in weekly (if possible) to gain momentum and achieve results at a faster pace. Expect to air out your grievances in a safe environment where conclusions and plans will be made. You will also develop plans to avoid business problems in the future and set goals for yourselves, your business, and your partnership. The business may seem healthy, but an unhappy partner can cause a business to fail. We will work to ensure both partners are experiencing the happiness and fulfillment they expected in the beginning.

We often see disagreements in balancing personal and professional life, personal needs and desires, and lack of clearly defined expectations and objectives. These things may change over time, and when they do, conflict can develop. We will help you figure out ways to adjust to the change where both partners feel satisfied in career and in personal life.


Consistency is key when it comes to bringing your business partnership back to health. You will need to work hard to see your partner’s point of view and develop an understanding of what he or she is trying to convey or accomplish. Your clarity and willingness to compromise and move forward will directly impact how well you both start to work together again. You should begin to see results immediately if you are working diligently in the process. Your business and the friendship in which it developed are equally worth the effort to revive.

We are available, as time allows, to come to you for consultation and counseling. Contact us to discuss details.

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