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Businesses often appear to have all the right components to work, but for some reason, do not seem to be functioning well or are not as successful as anticipated. The internal dynamics are not working together to create a cohesive unit essential in reaching the company’s goals and objectives. Business owners and leadership professionals often find themselves at a loss as to how to change the inner workings and move forward. They are unaware of how to bring everyone in the company together effectively. The therapists at Noyau have effectively worked with numerous professionals to identify the problems in their companies and develop a plan for success.


How to Prepare

Be ready to discuss the details of your business and the inner workings of your company and your employees. The more open and detailed you can be, the more your therapist can work with you in identifying the source of the conflict or problem. Remember, your sessions are completely confidential, and the information will not be shared outside of our sessions with anyone else. We abide by a strict ethical code, and your confidentiality is of the utmost importance to us.

What to Expect

Your therapist will work with you to help you gain insight into what the issues might be that are leading to the lack of success you desire. You will be encouraged to look at relationships between you and your coworkers and employees. Additionally, you will examine the relationships between your leadership team and the other people working for you and them. These relationships can directly impact the success of an organization. Once mended, healed, or moved in different directions, results can potentially be seen relatively quickly.

Your therapist might encourage you to bring in people from your organization in which you have conflict and/or employees you feel need to work out their differences in order for the company to move forward. You may identify a structure that needs to be shifted or changed to continue your growth.

You will work with your therapist to identify a strategic plan and make decisions on how to implement that plan. You will identify past goals that are still present, goals that need to be reworked or removed, and new goals that were not stated or considered when you began working with or opening your company. Together, you will define small targets to make sure you are on the right track to success.


Your success as a company depends on identifying, working through, and changing any aspects that are standing in your way of reaching your goals. The more willing you are to look at yourself and what you can do differently, the more advancement will take place.

Be open to new ideas and insight so you may see things from a different perspective. Sometimes, people find it hard to see the real problems of an organization because they are too close to it. They have been so entrenched in the inner workings that it may be hard to see the business more holistically. Your therapist will help you see the big picture and offer an additional perspective that may be valuable to the solution.

Additionally, your employees will be more motivated to work and change when they see you doing the same. If they feel you are invested and excited about your business and it’s growth, they will more than likely share that with you. They will believe in the mission, goals, and objectives and help you to achieve those things because they will be taking pride in what they are doing, the person for whom they work, and the company to which they belong.

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