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Many adults go through their childhood being labeled as dreamers, goof-off’s, or out right lazy. They recall having significant difficulty in school, always being in trouble and may have spent their teen years looking for ways to self medicate. Often, these adults had undiagnosed childhood ADD/ADHD. In previous generations very little was known about ADD/ADHD, thus many of todays adults went undiagnosed and untreated. Some adults may have grown out of the disorder over time, while others may have found behavior modifications to help deal with the symptoms they face. Yet still a large number of the adult population are struggling with ADD/ADHD symptoms to this day.

If you are dealing with:

  • difficulty focusing
  • feeling disorganized and overwhelmed
  • often misplacing things
  • struggling to remember important things
  • getting board easily
  • acting without thinking
  • easily irritated
  • having racing thoughts
  • having difficulty sitting still
  • often losing track of time
  • difficulty working on one thing at a time
  • making careless mistakes when working on tedious projects
  • procrastinating or having trouble with deadlines

While all of us deal with these issues occasionally, for clients with ADD/ADHD these issues are an everyday battle. In addition, adults with ADD/ADHD are three times more likely to suffer from a dual diagnosis such as other learning disorders, depression, anxiety, or addiction problems.

Professionals at Noyau Wellness have extensive knowledge of adult ADD/ADHD and treatment options. Using proven techniques, practitioners work with the client to identify the best methods for symptom management and build client strengths. We know that clients have spent many years being told that they only need to “try harder” and “do better” yet no matter how hard you tried, you were often left feeling unsuccessful. ADD/ADHD is not a will power problem, it is a neurological issues. It is possible to overcome with the right treatment.

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