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Acupuncture – None of the Needles!

Krashada is a system of advanced bodywork that helps to keep one aligned energetically. Specific minor chakra points are stimulated by a trained practitioner to help clear and infuse them with pure positive energy.

A classical session will be a comprehensive experience of refined acupressure from “head to toe” coupled with massage techniques. The focus is to treat and balance the network of minor chakras on the meridians, or energy pathways, that connect throughout the body.

The uniqueness of Krashada not only works with the physical body. It also addresses nonphysical aspects, such as our emotions, mental state, and spiritual outlook, which can effect our physical health.

Within our beings, which are an extensive network of energy, we can be subject to blocks due to problems, stress, or trauma. Our bodies can store these “negative types” of energy, thus Krashada works to clear those and create a flow of essential energy.

The energetic technique of Krashada produces a way to maintain balance in the elemental and the vital systems. It also specializes in keeping the vertebral, joint, and nerve fluids properly flowing. On the mental level, it works to stimulate connections and proper use of the right/left brain, memory, and other faculties.

Krashada acupressure is an opportunity to experience the divine within through using the amazing network of energy lines to uncover your true self; the self you have worked so hard to achieve.

The essence of Krashada helps to unfold the bodies true evolution by detoxification and improvement of energy circulation so that one can be more balanced and energized.

The mind/body connection is a strong and powerful force that can either hold us back or propel us forward. To learn more about Krashada Acupressure, Traditional Acupuncture, or how Holistic Treatments can help you on your journey to a balanced, healthy, and fulfilling life, schedule your free 20 minute phone consultation today (214)706-0619.

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