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Abuse Counseling in Dallas

Abusive behavior is an epidemic among our community. For both males and females of all socioeconomic classes, abuse is an every day reality that they are fighting to overcome. Abusive behavior comes in many forms including physical, sexual and emotional abuse. Often unhealthy situations involve a combination of types and can occur in a cycle of violence.


What are the odds? 

While we often feel that we are the only person experiencing an abusive situation. But, the truth is that 1 in 4 women and 1 in 7 men will experience some form of abuse during their lifetime. Keep in mind that these are only reported cases. The actual incidents are likely far higher, implying that more than twice this number of survivors exist.

We often tell ourselves, or may be told by others, that the abuse is our fault. It can be easy for us to see ways in which we believe we have caused someones else’s actions. While logically our conscious mind knows what is happening is wrong and not our fault, still our subconscious brings about feelings of shame and guilt.

What do we bring to the table? 

Getting out of an abusive situation can be very difficult for a number of reasons. At Noyau, we understand the kind of pressure you are facing when deciding to stay or go and how to accomplish that. Likewise we can help you foresee posable complications and how to manage those. We also understand the kind of pain you may have endured while in a situation that you had no control over and no way of escaping such as childhood abuse or sexual assault.

The truth is, no matter your behavior, abuse is never your fault. Nor did your actions cause the other person to “loose control” or do something they “regret.” If you are currently in an abusive situation or have experienced abuse in the past and are searching for ways to heal that pain so that it no long effects your current choices, we can help. There is a way past these feelings of anger and humiliation. Working with a specially trained professional is a key component to achieving the sense of peace and control you may be striving towards.

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